At MEPFZ we are as passionate about awesome photography as we are about having fun. Lighting, Composition, the Decisive Moment. These are the things that keep us photo nerds up at night. The things that a camera in a box just can't understand after it's done counting 3...2...1. This is why a camera in the hands of an experienced photographer will always be the center of our studio-style photo booths.

We think the many differences with our studio-style are clear:

 • Perfectly timed photos make for much better expressions and more 'action shots' of the best party moments

 • Greater flexibility allows us to easily switch between vertical or horizontal photos, low angles for kids, wide angles for groups or tight shots for individuals

 • Knowledgeable use of top tier camera and lighting equipment gives an end result that looks straight out of a portrait studio all right at your event

 Let us show you the MEPFZ difference!

(TLDR - we've spent years of our lives learning how to make your googly eye glasses look as amazing as possible, so you should probably hire us)